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So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go over air brushes airbrush tattoo boston, I’m going to take it from the point of view of you’re buying your first air brush kit, you basically don’t want to spend too much money, but you want to get something that will work for you and will let you grow a little bit as you go you know, so it won’t be just you can prime with it and nothing else I want to get you something that will get you started get you going into the first stages then you’ll realize you’ll hit the limitation, until then you won’t spend a bit more to buy a proper air brush proper air brush so branded so like badger hardened steinbeck or I wada or any of the other named manufacturers I can’t comment on anyone, but if you ask me about my hard earned steam back or my badger brushes I will give a good review of them they’re all really good brushes, but they are more expensive airbrush tattoo last.So we’re going to look at is just these cheap generic ones, what I’m gonna do first is start off going over the various bits of brushes, I’ve got here the types of brushes then I’m going to go on to Amazon and show you some kits that you could consider buying I will put links to those kits in the description and there will be affiliate links, so I will get a kickback, if you buy them but don’t feel like you have to go for those ones, we’ve got for generic brushes so these are unbranded.Just generic brushes, I’m gonna ignore these ones for an eye will move those off to the side and those two and I’m just going to show you the various bits of the brush that when you’re buying it you want to look out for but we’ll go over the types, I’ve got here first first type of brush you want to look at is this, this is siphoned feed, so you can see that we’ve got our bottle and our brush this.Simply plugs in there.And obviously I can unscrew the bottle to fill with pin nothing too technical with this, but what this gives you is a large paint reservoir, the problem is you have to spray it higher pressure because it’s having to suck the paint up rather than gravity helping to push it down and this one has to suck it up, so what you wanna look for is a kit that doesn’t have one of these as its only air brush, so if you’re buying a single brush, you want one like this. Right, so it’s just a standard gravity feed brush you want to make sure it’s dual action, what do all acts means that all these brushes are dual action means that you push down for air that’s your first action and you pull back for paint match your second action, so jewel action why you would want a siphon fade purely purely purely when you need to paint an awful lot of stuff in one go and that’s it.And you won’t be able to do detail work as well with it because your pressure up higher so literally terrain would be the first main use if you’re painting a board of terrain like I’ve got a load of sector mechanical stuff and I’ve got a load of m.d. f stuff, this is really handy for that because you can use craft paints and stuff thin down.I’m blasted through this that’s fine or if you want to prime an entire army in one go, if you’ve got 2000 points you need to paint by tomorrow, you know like ork boyz.This will help you prime it because you can fill that with primary water down a bit and away you go and you just keep going, so that’s the siphon feed don’t get a kit that just has that though, now this one is more interesting, this is side feed so as you can see.The paint cup is on the side, hence side feed, this has two drawbacks, the first is that it’s very side heavy so it wants to drop round.And that means you’re using a bit of your muscle strength to keep your wrist turned.So if you’ve got bad rests for any particular reason, then this’s I type a lot, that’s our site, it’s not my fault, the second problem with this brush is you won’t see it if you’re right-handed because you’re looking at it from above, so this is actually an advantage for this brush, if you’re right-handed, you can see pretty much exactly what you’re spraying out much easier to get precision, the drawback is I’m not right handed I am left-handed. Um, yeah, so you can see there, the problem with this brush, if you’re left-handed.So you tempted then to sort of come in from the side, so you’re twisting your wrist even more and then twisting it back right, it’s not a good brush, it gives you a lot of pain in your wrist, it took me a while to work out why I didn’t like that one.I mean, it’s a perfectly functional brush works, and if I was right hand that would probably be a bit easier to use, but so try to keep away from those two if you can, if you can’t you know they work but you can pick up a brush like this.So this one is a standard as they come, this has got a little dial at the back, you can see I can screw that in a note, a lot of the cheap air brushes come with this and a lot of the lower entry level expensive brushes, don’t what this is is a needle stop so.Actually, if you demonstrate on this brush because you can actually see the needle Chuck, this is the little screw that holds the needle in place so as you can see I can pull completely back on this brush and it’s fine if I screw that in you can see it coming in towards the Chuck needle.And I can’t pull it back anymore, so that’s what that does that restricts.The amount you can pull the needle out, so that will restrict the amount of pink that will come out at any one time now that sounds useful to a beginner.I’m in a kind of is it will stop doing stupid things where you accidentally whack it, the whole way back and obliterate your lovely paint job, but I don’t use it, it’s kind of like training wheels for your bike.I don’t use it because I’m at the point now where I I don’t do that anymore I didn’t like maybe once or twice when I was just starting and to be honest, it’s a good way to learn by having it out of the way because if you do it once you really really really careful not to do it again and I like to use a fullback in the trigger to clear any little blockages or when I’m cleaning it as well, you can do that so and it’s not annoying dance group but it’s a step you don’t want to have to do so if I’m spraying away in a model like you know and then I get a bit of a clogged point it away and yanked the trigger back to help clear the blockage and that works quite well so that’s a little thing, so don’t go out of your way to buy.One of these it’s not it’s not even a nice to have, it’s a OK whatever so don’t worry about that, but what do you do want to worry about is the bit of the front, this piece.Is usually called the needle capitalist I’ve seen I’ve seen different names for the crown cap but what it does is if I unscrew gently you can see that.There we have our needle just poking out the end and that’s very sharp, and. You can sort of see the nozzle, not really, but what we’ve got here is if I screw that back on and what that does, is it protects your needle from you accidentally dropping it on you wont bend your needle or stab yourself in the finger which by the way the first couple times, you do that, with the needle is really bloody sore every time you do it the needle but you’ll stop but you see in this brush that it’s got a little crime shipped one.And it still blocks the needle so you’re probably thinking well, why does it matter the shape of it, why does that matter compared to that one well one of the things you’ll want to do is to be able to block that.Push down in there to pull back a little bit and what that will do is allow air to come up into your brush not be able to go out, so will force it back and then up into the cup where it will bubble and mix anything in there or force any little flakes of paint that are blocking your nozzle force, those back up and into the cup where it’ll take a while but they’ll sink down and block again, so it’s a handy little thing also when you’re cleaning, you can put your cleaner in your paper cup, you wash it out a few times put some cleaner in there and then bubble it through, give it a blast, but give it a blast but pour it out, get some more and just keep doing that to clean it.Which you cannot do with this crime ship night, what you can do instead is.Pinch it, but that is less reliable. An annoyance, but it does kind of work.One thing I will say though that the best cap I’ve got is this one on the hard earned sting back because you literally just pinch it.And it works great and it’s also reasonably good at protecting your navel.On something like the badger.You can see that the needle actually protrudes out the front so you need to use the little rubber cap that comes with it.So their swings and roundabouts do all the designs but this one is slightly better now you’re probably wondering well if that’s better why don’t they all have that this does affect the spray pattern of the cone that comes out with the air and the painting, it makes it slightly wider, these ones are practically disposable like I think this one was twenty quid, these two came with my compressor, and this one was like twelve quid, although I think it’s a bit more expensive, now this one I love because it’s aluminium.So it’s very light I would definitely recommend you pick up one of these now that’s one thing I want to say right now get more than one brush, um, it’s very easy to wonder if you’ve only one brush is the brush that’s causing your problems, if you have two brushes, you’re able to try the same paint consistency and see if it works in one or not the other if it doesn’t work in both its probably the paint consistency, if it works in one but not the other then you’re able to say well this one’s got a smaller needle, this one’s got a bigger needle, it works in the big one not the small one, maybe I need to thin it down a bit more for the small one that sort of thing, so having multiple brushes is really really nice and these aluminium ones are so cheap I would definitely recommend picking one up it also comes with its own little.Pent cap, so get one of these I’ll show you these on Amazon we’ll put links to the one I’ve got so that’s pretty much everything you care about with this one more thing, though is if you can pick up these.So you notice there that literally just pops on.And pops off, this is a quick release fitting you can get these standalone or some of the kits come with it, so I’ll be trying to find them in the kits if they’re not in the kits, then I’ll put a link to buying some of these as well, these are very handy to have because you can just pop them off your hose and away you go.No fuss, no muss, so what we’re gonna do now is go over to the computer and I’m going to have some preloaded pages I’m going to search takes you along some preloaded pages on Amazon I’ll show you which kids I think are good and that I would spend money on and I’ll put links to those in the description and it’s up to you whether or not you buy them I don’t care well I do care but you know it’s up to you your money.So here we are at the PC looking at Amazon. I thought I would show you this one just because it’s a don’t buy unless you literally have no money to spend.So you can see here what we’ve got is a little mini compressor, you do get a hose and you do get near brush with it.SO.You know it’s not exactly bad value, it’s just that it won’t grow with you, you can use this for priming.And anything that doesn’t require. Real control of your air pressure because this won’t give it to you.You literally adjust the pressure by this little screw here and in and out and that’s all it is so.I would say stay away from this.I wouldn’t even say buy it as a little travel adapter or travel one but.It’s not really worth it, none if you can spend a bit more money.I get so here’s the first one I find.So this one as you can see, it’s got three air brushes.This one is useful, this one single action, so not useful at all, and then this one’s siphon feed, so we discussed the limited viability of a siphon feed brush, it’s not really that useful but other than that you do get a quick release connector with it.You do get a little stand, which you can unscrew that red thing dropout unscrew the red thing back on and then that’ll let you hold your brush, you get a little set cleaning sticks, which you probably won’t use and you get some stencils for some reason, so get your hose, it’s very important to have a hose, there’s no point getting everything out there, you just need a hose, let’s be honest.So for seventy to 99 that’s not bad, now, this one doesn’t have a tank I have never used one with third tank, so I cannot in good conscience say that you should go for the one without a tank because. I don’t have one without a tank, so I’ve got this one with a tank and these are the same air brushes that I got.So you can see, um I showed you earlier, the air brushes as I got them, so there is the same ones.Um, there’s not much else to say about this except it’s slightly more modern compressor slightly newer compressor I think.I can’t work out if it’s gonna find some of these newer compressors have a fan in them which is useful because it keeps it cool, they do tend to heat up, I’m not saying the overheat but they get quite hot.So that’s a potential one you might want to look at then I’ve got this one which has just one air brush with it.No siphon, fade no side fade, it’s just one air brush.Um it’s slightly cheaper.I’m.So you might want to go for this one, then buy a second air brush I thought I’d mention booths.This is one of the little spray booths, you can get.Obviously you wouldn’t point back at yourself, that’s completely stupid, but this basically sucks air in.That blue things that filter and then let’s spit out the clean air I would say you don’t need these unless you are using lacquer’s or enamels, you know things that you really really don’t want to breathe in but then you might want to get respirator as well so.You know, I’m not saying you don’t need one of these for critics but I don’t use one that’s my personal preference so some people have them, some people don’t.Then I’m gonna look at some air brushes here and I found this one which has three needles.And you also get your hose with it, so you could buy the compressor separate and then buy this if you could find a better day.You know there’s none of this you see you get three nozzle sizes point too.A always point to.Point three and point five I think it said.Curly curly.Okay, there’s inches but it’s point to point 3. 5 millimeters that’s what confused me I’ve seen inches.It’s got your standard air fittings on it, so it’s it’s um.Dixon il brush.Or you can go for this one which is the aluminium one which also has three needles and it is slightly cheaper, so this is probably the one I would go for if I were you as as you know your second brush, your supplementary on you want to get to give the UK it that little bit extra.Or you can just go for the single aluminium which you can see, here’s.1399, there are slightly more expensive ones that come in different colors like theirs.Same brush, basically in gold, so that’s the same one I’ve got I remember was kkk moon.So if you want it in gold, you can spend a bit extra if you search around you can find it in black as well.But I didn’t really care that much so.Now it’s worth noting that this one doesn’t have the extra hose. And it doesn’t have a quick release connector anywhere that that was a quick release.NO.Doesn’t have quick release.Um, or does that one so we’ll get to that in a minute.And then I find this one which is.Gold plated I’m dropping air quotes in massive eye rolling irony gold plated it does come with a quick release connector, though which is nice but it’s just. It’s just gold and I laughed my head off when I saw it I thought you guys might like it so I’m not saying buy this one unless you’re like.What’s his name, gold member from Austin pars yeah but yeah.I mean I’m seriously having a hard time not laughing, you might want to get one of these especially if you’re doing enamels and lacquer and things because this lets you spray your brush your brush clean I don’t use mine as a cleaning station I literally use it as an air brush stand.Um, but you also get the little gold thing with the spike on it is a nozzle cleaner. So you can gently put up inside of the nozzle and gently turn it to try to scrape the inside clean of dried paint, you can damage your nozzle doing that, so you want to be careful but.I’ll do a cleaning video as well.So actually speaking to cleaner we’ve got thinner, you will want to pick up some proper thinner. A you can make your own but when you’re starting out, you probably want to have something to compare it to so buying the official thinner could be useful.Um, it’s only a tenner, a hundred miles will last you a long ass time, plus you then get the bottle at the end so you can make your own and refill, this bottle and just scrub out vallejo owner man.Same with the cleaner you can get the cleaner.Or you can just use A I use methylated spirits, my cleaners literally.Squirrel in um, I’m done awry superbowl alcohol or even just soapy water, sometimes it’s enough, if the paint’s not dry so but cleaner is useful to have and also another useful thing to have is flow, improve or which goes with your thinner to help it go through the air brush.Um, I’ve got that as well, sometimes depending on my mood, I’ll use this or the.Thinner back and forth back and forth a mix of the two just depending on so they both work quite well together, but.If you don’t really need that if you’re getting a thinner.And then there’s a set of quick release connectors so you can swap between brushes or even just swap the brush off the cable rally really easily, so I’d definitely say get some of these and they’re only seven pounds fifty now I thought I would show you. Another brushing it this is just everything air brush I don’t have any sort of connection to these guys it’s just I’ve bought from them before.Not the badger, though I got mine off badger directly, um, but.I got my ultra off them.So this is the same brush, I’ve got they’ve got a lot of other badger brushes, but this is the patriot arrow.So it’s 92 quid, so I mean it is much more expensive than the other brushes but it is a very nice brush.So you might want to be considered, this is your first proper upgrade again dropping air quotes where no one can see.There are other brushes just this is probably one of the best.Entry level.I almost said budget at 92 quid, but you know what I mean, at best entry level proper air brushes.Because you can use this straightaway, the ultra that I’ve got I have spent.Money that took me above this price dem ordered so that I am not happy with it I’ve added a.Needle nozzle set for the infinity.So I’ll talk about that, maybe some other time but.This is probably your best goto starter brush and then you’ll want to get one of these as well, if you get that which is the quick release coupling tails, so this is different.To these ones it fits this bits, the same the bit that actually plugs into the main connector is the same, but the width of the screw on it that goes under the air brushes different badge or have their own size so you need the badger tail.So I mean twenty three point seventy two so if you’re buying the badger air brush get one of these as well. And that’s pretty much it now, which one of these would I go for.As I said I don’t have the one with tank, sorry I don’t have the one without a tank I have the one with the tank, so I can’t in good conscience say you’re OK to just get the one with thirty tank, but I have seen videos of the CEO, the managing guy of badger air brush saying you do not need a tank.I have a tank, so I can’t verify that but if you know let me know in the comments.SO.Given that these are side feed and siphon feed I would probably say this one.Would be the closest to what I would buy because it’s got it’s got a tank and it’s got the pump. There are other ones out there, they’ll have an air brush or toothbrush is maybe a hundred quid so you might want to look at one of those how we search around see what you like but then I would probably get that because it has the spare needles and nozzles which means that if you break.Your nozzle or bend your needle, then you’ve got at least a spare one you can swap out, you might go from a point 3.5 I would save the point to to last because it does make the brush just that little bit more tricky to use.And then you obviously want to get the gold one because why wouldn’t you want the gold plated air rush.Sorry I’m still laughing, if you are that one out yeah that one’s gonna stand already on the.I clicked on that there we go, so that’s gotta stand already for two air brushes so you don’t really need to get that separately. But you can, there are also other standing I wanna turn here.Um, no.NO.Why is that one cheaper than that one.Oh there you are sitting chamber.Allen didn’t come up earlier.So I’ll use this one as the link instead because you’ll save yourself a quid and you want to get thinner.So let’s do that again you’d probably get that one. Probably get that one.Don’t need that.Get that.Maybe get that maybe get that definitely get that and then maybe look at getting a badger or whatever brush manufacture, you like.If your mates have got one that’s better quality, better quality budget, but you know better quality than the the stock default ones and you like the look of theirs then go for their make but just remember with the badger, you need the adapter I don’t know what other eye brushes harder & steen beck, no you don’t, you don’t need the special one that takes the standard one but badger takes the special one.And all the links for everything in here every single tab will have a link in the description of the video so.Knock yourselves out don’t necessarily buy them off the link, do your own Amazon searches if you want to if you find something better go for it. But definitely getting a brush is such a nice deal go away cookies, hmm cookie.Anyway.SO.For the rest of this series, I’m planning on doing a.Introduction on high too thin European.To get it going through the air brush what to look for and then I’ll leave the air brush overnight with the pendant to dry so then do a introduction to cleaning.What you need to clean your hairbrush.And then we’ll take it from there and we’ll see what else anybody wants so.Hope you enjoyed this it’s probably a bit of a longer video than usual but there’s an awful lot to cover and I want to make sure I’m trying to be as thorough as possible so. Good luck.Let me know if you buy something, let me know if you’re getting the air rushing through this video because that’d be nice to see.